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Health and General Fitness

Articles offering advice on general health and fitness

  • Sam and Keren’s Lockdown Ratrun

    With gyms closed again, for many of us, it means digging out the trainers and heading out for a run…

  • Cold Water Exposure

    Cold Water Exposure      One thing a number of the staff have committed to taking up through lockdown is…

  • The Benefit of Nasal Breathing

    The Benefits of Nasal Breathing Do you breathe through your nose or mouth? Stop for a second and pay attention…

  • Sleep Management

    Sleep Management   After touching on stress yesterday, another often overlooked factor in our healthy lifestyles is sleep. As we are…

  • Forming New Habits

    FORMING NEW HABITS They say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, whether that be a good…

  • Strength Training For Females

    Strength Training For Females  The benefits of strength training for women are huge, however, there can still be a negative…

  • Fatloss & NEAT 

    Fatloss & NEAT    When it comes to fat loss, many are looking for the magical pill, and understanding NEAT…

  • Daily Mobility

    Every one of us could do with moving our bodies more. We know we should stretch,  but it can be…

  • Body Image

    Body Image The subject of body dysmorphia and negative body image has had lots of press recently.  We often see…

  • Consistency is Key

    How many times have you heard that you have to be smashing every workout to progress in the gym? This…