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Strength Training For Females

Strength Training For Females
December 9, 2020 info@gymproject.co.uk

Strength Training For Females 

The benefits of strength training for women are huge, however, there can still be a negative outlook on the weights room.

Whether that be down to believing it will make us ‘big’ or ‘manly’. Or,  the unfortunate reality that some women don’t feel comfortable in an often male dominated environment.

Below, we will take a look at the numerous benefits of weights training for females. Finally touching on ways to combat the fear of the weights room, so you can train with confidence.

Benefits of Weightlifting for females

Increased chance of Fatloss – The more muscle we hold, the more our metabolism will increase. This means we’ll be burning more calories at rest!

Enhanced Mood & Reduced Stress – Research has shown that women who strength train, feel more confident and capable in themselves, contributing to a happier outlook.  Plus a big endorphin release, proven to reduce stress.

Reduced Risk of Injury – Providing we are moving correctly, resistance training will build muscle around our joints helping to provide stability.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes – Although you might not think it, strength training will help develop our cardiovascular system, contributing to a healthy heart, lowering blood pressure, and increasing good cholesterol.

If toned is the goal, look no further than strength training!


Why you won’t look bulky 

On average it takes a woman around a month to gain a pound of muscle, this is half as quick as our male counterparts. This goes to show that it is a lot harder for females to gain muscle due to our genetic make up and lower testosterone levels.

Females who do hold a large amount of muscle similar to males, have typically trained many years to reach this look, with their sole goal to look this way. Often as well, there is a chance that these females have used performance enhancing drugs to aid them.

There is little to no chance doing a 60 minute session 3 x a week will develop this kind of definition or size.


Confidence In The Weights Room

In terms of gaining confidence to strength train, a good place to start is with a coach you find approachable. They will help you understand new movements and make sure you are performing them correctly.

If you do feel like going alone, start by planning your workouts at a quiet time to familiarise yourself with the environment, helping you become more comfortable.

Remember, everyone is in the gym to better themselves, not judge others.


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