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Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key
August 16, 2016 info@gymproject.co.uk

How many times have you heard that you have to be smashing every workout to progress in the gym? This cliche of ‘Go hard or go home’ just doesn’t work for general fitness population. What we should seek is consistency, try to make exercise part of your routine.

There seems to be this mentality in the fitness industry that you must go all guns blazing every session.  For many, this just isn’t maintainable in the long run. We should always see the bigger picture with our fitness,  health, and nutrition .We are not seeking a quick fix.  We are trying to find something that we can do week in week out for the foreseeable future. What is the point of going mad for 2 weeks with our diet or training, to give it up as we pick up an injury,  feel fatigue or get bored. This is especially pertinent for beginners who try and do too much,  too quickly.

This is not to say you shouldn’t try hard in every session or eat healthy, but find something that you can keep up long term. Consistency is key.

Not every session is going to be a good one. You diet wont be perfect everyday. But find something you can maintain & enjoy,  you will make progress, you will hit PB’s, you will achieve your goals.




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