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Daily Mobility

Daily Mobility
December 10, 2018 info@gymproject.co.uk

Every one of us could do with moving our bodies more. We know we should stretch,  but it can be a struggle to fit this into our daily routine.

Modern life means we are generally stuck in fixed postures. This means, tight hips, tight shoulders, and tight upper backs.

The easiest way to fix these problem areas is to take them through full range of motion as much as possible. Static stretching can be useful,  but is not the best approach for these stubborn body parts.

Our advice, add these full range movements below to your rest days from the gym. From there, try to increase this until you are performing these  4 X week.

Remember, don’t bite off more than you can chew, start slowly and increase.

Look out for a killer leg day warmup in my next post.

Happy mobilising ✌

Daily mobility

Neck CARs 3 each way

Kneeling Shoulder CARS 5 each arm

Thoracic Twist 5 each way

Thoracic Cat Cow 5

9090 switches 5 Each way

Bear Sit Rotation 3 Each Way




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