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Body Image

Body Image
September 24, 2016 info@gymproject.co.uk

Body Image

The subject of body dysmorphia and negative body image has had lots of press recently.  We often see people chasing a certain body from the ‘in’ fitness model or Instagram star. I get this, these beautiful bodies are shoved in our faces on constant basis. It’s only natural for us to feel like we aren’t good enough when these images are constantly bombarding our social media feeds.  


The problem with this is that these ‘stars’ are most likely gifted genetically, images of them might have been photoshopped. Finally, they may be using performance enhancing products. Their bodies are not yours, we are all unique. Embrace your uniqueness. Otherwise you will always be chasing and never satisfied with what you have. Your fitness journey is about YOU. Realistically you will never look like these stars. That’s not to say you won’t look great, but you’ll look great for the body and frame you have.


Also these images you see don’t reveal the whole picture. To start with, these images were probably one of 100 taken to find that perfect lighting. They most likely are incredibly unhappy in the skin they are in. I can tell you now, walking year round with six pack abs like these models do, sucks. You will have no social life, you won’t be able to enjoy food, you will be no fun. Forget those drinks with friends or that roast at weekends.  This image of health that the fitness industry portrays is false, they aren’t healthy neither mentally nor physically.


I’m not saying, don’t use these images to motivate yourself to train harder and be healthier. But your training is about you, forget what others are doing. Love the skin you’re in and be healthy,  physically and mentally


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