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Sleep Management

Sleep Management
December 9, 2020 info@gymproject.co.uk

Sleep Management


After touching on stress yesterday, another often overlooked factor in our healthy lifestyles is sleep. As we are thrown out of routine with another lockdown, sleep can be deprioritised, this can have a number of negative affect on our body and minds.

Below we will look at why sleep is so important, the effect of too little sleep, and how to create a better sleep routine.


The Importance of Sleep 


Sleep is just as important as nutrition and exercise when it comes to health, performance, and the way we look. When we sleep our body not only restores and rebuilds. It decreases inflammation, helps hormone recovery, and consolidates information & cognitive functions.


The Effects of Poor Sleep 

The average adult should aim for between 7 & 9 hours sleep a night.


Anything under this can:


Make it harder to get and stay lean

Make it harder to gain and keep muscle

Disrupts hormones

Increase your stress levels

Age us faster

Increase the risk of chronic illness

Drain our IQ

Kill our Sex Drive


A Better Night Time Routine 


When we wake we don’t expect to go from 0-100, likewise, when winding down we shouldn’t expect to go from on – off in a space of a few minutes. Your body needs time & cues to wind down in order to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Keep A Regular Schedule – Try to goto sleep at the same time each day

Keep Alcohol & Caffeine low – avoid caffeine after 2pm

Nutrition Timing – Avoid large meals just before bed & avoid excess fluids 2 hours before bedtime

Turn off electronics – Avoid blue lights 30 minutes before bed, if you must use a screen, consider using a program like f.lux.

Make sure your room is cool – The perfect sleep temperature is between 16-18 degrees

De Stress – Think reading, light movement (stretching), or meditation

Make your room as dark as possible – This will maximise melatonin production creating a deep sleep

On Waking 


Keep A Regular Schedule – Try to wake at the same times each day

Avoid an aggressive Alarm – This will increase our stress hormones first thing

Wake up to light -A dawn simulating alarm such as a Lumie will slowly wake you, ensuring you are relaxed and alert on waking.

Get Moving – Avoid hitting snooze and swing your feet out of bed


We hope these pointers will help you improve your sleep, setting you up for a productive and healthy day!


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