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Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage
August 18, 2016 info@gymproject.co.uk

Body fat, waistlines, and flat stomachs…..something 90% of us will have thought about, and more often than not, over-thought about.

So let’s get straight to the point. To make any real personal progress in any of these areas there isn’t much point in comparing ourselves to professional models or athletes; remember it’s their career to look a certain way. We all have different body types for one, and that will inevitably have a bearing on how quickly or slowly we gain and lose weight, and even where that weight is held on the body.

One of the first steps towards achieving a change with our bodies is acknowledging where we are currently, and understanding the difference in male and female body fat percentages. In this area, both genders are not equal. Females will almost always hold more body fat than males due to the hormonal differences between the female hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone. For example, an average body fat percentage for a female would be about 25-30% whereas a male might be around 18-24%. If a female was below 18-20% this would be considered extremely lean whereas a male would usually have to be below 10% to be the equivalent. Just bare that in mind before you’re too hard on yourself.

The best way we, as gym users can change our body composition, is to keep our training as intense as possible twinned with some portion control when eating. Keep away from hydrogenated fats and high sugar and salt content foods. Healthy whole foods from the earth and lean protein options are your best bet, and there are plenty of high protein source foods suitable for vegan diets and others alike. It doesn’t have to be meat-based. Dieting and eating alike should never be about guilt-tripping or feeling terrible about enjoying tasty foods. It’s just a simple matter of portion control and moderation, enjoy your food…….but stay as active as you can!


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