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Getting Started – Gym Beginner

At Gym Project we are all about introducing you to new things. We understand that if you’re unfamiliar with the gym environment it can be daunting. However we guarantee we will make it pain free. We don’t believe exercise should just be about hard work, we want you to enjoy every moment in a super friendly environment. When you first join, we will arrange a time to sit down and have a chat. We will ask you a few questions about what you are looking to get out of the gym. From that, we will write you a gym program and then teach you all of the movements involved. We will also direct you into the classes that suit you and introduce you to members of the class.  

  • Complete induction to the gym
  • Join in the classes and make lifelong friends
  • Get a tour of the gym
  • Getting fitter and healthier will help you feel great
  • Get to know the coaches

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